What people say about Grace:

“Grace was an amazing support throughout my labour, and the time immediately following as I tried to settle into life as much as possible. She is passionate about giving women the best possible birth experience, and I would recommend her hands down for any birth!”

“She's very client-centred and a great combination of warmth and professionalism. She's very reassuring, easy to talk to and provided me with great resources to help me become more informed about the birthing process, thereby helping me to adopt a more positive outlook towards the upcoming birth instead of a fearful one. She also taught me great techniques for managing the pain of labour and as a result I was able to deliver my second child without any medication.”

“As part of my support team, she was great at doing whatever I needed at the time and helping to include my husband and best friend as well. She was very patient and understanding when I told her some things weren't working. She is able to put my personality with her techniques and come up with alternate visualizations.”

“Grace’s calming presence really helped my fears surrounding the hospital and I believe it was her encouragement, peaceful demeanor, knowledge, and suggestions that allowed me to have my daughter with no medications. She even informed the nurses of why I was making certain decisions and I feel made the whole experience run smoother. She also, would periodically deek out and inform my Mom on what was happening. In all hiring Grace was the best decision I ever made in regards to my daughter’s pregnancy as her support throughout the pregnancy and the labour was invaluable. I will be hiring her again for my third and possibly fourth babies.”

“More than a doula, Grace is a friend. She is of course professional and courteous, but more than that- she truly cares for her clients and goes above and beyond her specified duties as a doula in order to ensure the best birth possible. Grace is enthusiastic and knowledgeable- I have never met anyone more passionate about the birth experience. She was very well-informed and took the time to research techniques and possible complications specific to my trend of birth experiences. When there was something she didn’t know off-hand, she always researched the issue thoroughly and got back to me promptly.”

“We hired Grace for the homebirth of our third daughter. She was a wonderful positive presence and was great with my 3 year old who was present for the birth. She explained what was happening to her and kept her involved. She worked well with our midwives and was a wonderful addition to our birth team. She made me tea and breakfast right after the birth and made sure that everyone was cared for. I would highly recommend Grace as a doula at your birth, she has a calming nature and will help to make your birthing experience a positive one.”