About Grace

Grace Van Bruwaene is a birth, postpartum and parenting doula serving the Waterloo Region. A practicing doula since 2010, Grace specializes in supporting people moving though their reproductive journey after trauma. She strongly believes that support can make all the difference, helping individuals have a positive and empowered experience however their story unfolds. She has both training and experience in supporting LGBTQ+ and disabled parents as well as those experiencing PMADs, intimate partner or domestic violence, and/or parenting after trauma.

Grace has been trained through CAPPA Canada, Childbirth International, Penny Simkin, Birthing Advocacy Doula Training, and Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings. She is a certified birth and postpartum doula with training in birthing after trauma, birth and disability, queer and trans reproductive support, crisis response, IPV and domestic violence, and lactation support. She is currently working on becoming a childbirth educator through BADT, and recently attended a Spinning Babies workshop.