Parenting Support

Parenting is an ever-evolving role that can involve managing conflicting emotions, making hard decisions, and becoming highly skilled at problem solving. Breaking patterns from previous generations is important work, and we are here to support you throughout your parenting journey. Parenting support aims to help you meet your parenting goals by providing emotional, informational, and practical support.

Parenting support covers the following areas:

  • Applying gentle parenting techniques

  • Parenting through mental health challenges

  • Parenting a child with mental health challenges

  • Navigating the assessment process

  • Parenting through school resistance and refusal

  • Considering or starting homeschooling

  • Parenting a highly spirited child

Parenting support can look like:

  • Welcoming big feelings and holding space for emotional processing

  • Helping you define the problem(s) in your specific situation

  • Discussing applicable research

  • Identifying available options and resources

  • Offering tangible tips to help you move forward

Our parenting support services are offered on a sliding scale of $30-$75 per hour. Support sessions and ongoing text support can be combined to create packages that typically range from $125-$500.