Postpartum Support

The postpartum period involves healing, adjusting, learning, and growing. Focused support can bring confidence and calm to an uncertain time. I offer support through information, education, reassurance, companionship, and connections to local resources. As you adapt to your new normal, I care for you, so that you can care for your baby. 

Packages and Fees: 


Need emergency support? This package is for you. If things suddenly fell apart and everyone is a sobbing mess, give me a call.  

Fee scale: $250-500

One Day Doula:

4 hours of support in one visit.

Fee scale: $120-180

Early postpartum

18 hours of support over the first three weeks, in bites that work for you. 

Fee scale: $540-810

Fourth Trimester

30 hours of support over three months, scheduled as works best for your family. 

Fee Scale: $900-$1350

One Year Doula

100 hours of support over the first year postpartum. 

Fee Scale: $3000-4500


Don’t see a package that speaks to you? That’s okay, I can help you build one. Hourly rates from $30-45.