Postpartum Support

The postpartum period involves healing, adjusting, learning, and growing. Focused support can bring confidence and calm to an uncertain time. We offer support through information, education, reassurance, companionship, and connections to local resources. As you adapt to your new normal, we care for you, so that you can care for your baby.

Packages and Fees:


Need emergency support? This package is for you. If things suddenly fell apart and everyone is a sobbing mess, give us a call.

  • A doula at your door within 24 hours of first contact. (If we can get there in two, we will.)

  • We’ll help you identify your needs, define your goals, and create a plan with which to move forward

  • We don’t leave until things are feeling more manageable and there is a solid care plan in place

  • Options for ongoing support are available if needed, either in-person or by text

Fee scale: $250-500

One Day Doula:

4 hours of support in one visit.

Fee scale: $100-160

Early postpartum

18 hours of support over the first three weeks, in bites that work for you.

Fee scale: $450-750

Fourth Trimester

30 hours of support over three months, scheduled as works best for your family.

Fee Scale: $750-$1200

One Year Doula

100 hours of support over the first year postpartum.

Fee Scale: $2500-4000


Don’t see a package that speaks to you? That’s okay, I can help you build one. Hourly rates from $30-45.