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A Second Birth

We had first met Grace in the summer of 2010 at our complex’s swimming pool when we had just found 

out we were expecting our first child. Not really knowing anything about birth I just knew what I had 

seen on television from watching a baby story (bad idea). At any rate I didn’t get to know her until after 

the birth of my son and she found me again talking a walk outside with my son and the dog when he 

was three weeks old. My son’s birth had been very traumatic he was a large baby and because of the 

position I was in while giving birth he got stuck in my pelvis a condition known as shoulder dystocia. 

My labour also, stalled out at 9cms and I was augmented with pitocin. Needless to say the birth went 

downhill from there and resulted in an Epidural, sleepy baby, and other stressful issues. My son was 

9lbs 12.5oz so he was considered large for gestation by the hospital and not knowing at the time that 

even one feeding of formula can sabotage breastfeeding we thought the nursing staff was giving us 

accurate information. His birth just left me angry, sad and nervous about labour. Grace helped me 

through a really difficult period with my son postpartum and I believe because of her support and others 

I was able to carry on with breastfeeding. Over the following years I got to know her better and had 

decided for our next baby that she would be our doula.

So, when the time came that we got pregnant with our daughter. Grace was the first to know and she 

gave me lots of reassurance during the pregnancy. I had planned a homebirth but because of some 

complications with the placenta I ended up delivering at McMaster. She even came to some of my 

prenatal appointments at McMaster with me when my husband needed to stay back and watch my son. 

As the weeks and months wore on I eventually came to the end of my pregnancy. I can remember the 

labour like it was yesterday (oh right it was six weeks ago). Grace’s calming presence really helped my 

fears surrounding the hospital and I believe it was her encouragement, peaceful demeanor, knowledge, 

and suggestions that allowed me to have my daughter with no medications. She even informed the 

nurses of why I was making certain decisions and I feel made the whole experience run smoother. 

She also, would periodically deek out and inform my Mom on what was happening. In all hiring Grace 

was the best decision I ever made in regards to my daughter’s pregnancy her support throughout the 

pregnancy and the labour was invaluable. I will be hiring her again for my third and possibly fourth