Doula Girl? What kind of a name is that? 
 Well, I'm a wee bit of a geek.  My geekiness tends to manifest in the superhero shirts I wear. While attending a birth in my super shirt, my client looked over and exclaimed "Hey! It's Super Doula!" Super Doula felt a little pretentious so I went with Doula Girl instead(think Supergirl, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, etc). 

Does having a doula really make a difference? 

 Yes, yes it does! A big difference to be honest. Here's a list of the benefits found using mass studies: 
    ~50% reduction in the cesarean rate
    ~25% shorter labours
    ~60% reduction in epidural requests
    ~40% reduction in oxytoxin use
    ~30% reduction in analgesia use
    ~40% reduction in forceps use
 Excerpted from Mothering the Mother: How a doula can help you have a shorter, easier and healthier birth, Klaus, Kennel and Klaus(1993)

 If I have a doula, do I need to have a care provider too? 

 Yes!  As a doula, I do not do anything medical. Rather I am an advocate for women and their families, acting as a resource, sounding board, spare hands and support person.  Under my certifying body, I cannot attend a birth that is not attended by a care provider be it a midwife or an OB.  

I really want a doula, but money is tight right now. 

 Give me a call or an email and we can work something out. No woman should have to go without a doula because of cost. 

You have kids.  How do you balance being a doula and motherhood? 

 That's a good question.  My family is very supportive of my doula-ing.  Currently I only take about six clients a year in order to better balance the two.  Between my husband and my extended family, I have continual childcare coverage while on call. 

What happens if you're sick or unavoidably busy when I go into labour?  

 I work with at least two back-ups just in case.  If you'd like, you can meet with the back-up doula during one of our prenatal visits. 

What about my partner? I don't want my partner to feel replaced or unwanted.

 As a doula, I support the whole family during the transition into parenthood.  I can't replicate your partner's care for you. Instead I bring a deep familiarity with the sights, smells and sounds of birth to your support team along with a calm and reassuring presence.  My knowledge and continual support allows your partner to care for you, without frantically trying to remember what was taught in the birthing class. My presence also allows your partner to care for themselves so that you can both enter into parenthood well.