My name is Grace Van Bruwaene and I am a labour doula. My interest in birth began nine years ago when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my first child. I knew absolutely nothing about birth, breastfeeding or taking care of infants. The passion for birth that began during that pregnancy continued to grow during my subsequent two pregnancies. Not only am I passionate about the birthing process, I am drawn to come alongside labouring women, to support them as they bring life into the world.  Before my first pregnancy, I wondered how babies fed before bottles were invented. Yes, I was that clueless. Nine years later, I just weaned my youngest child after breastfeeding for a total of 86 months.  After struggling to nurse my youngest, I understand the benefits of educated breastfeeding support and strive to provide that kind of support to other women.

My passion for supporting labouring women drew me to pursue doula training and certification.  While finishing my certification, I also apprenticed with a local doula..  Through this process, I attended my first water and home birth, learning much that is not taught in the classroom.  As I grow as a doula, I am continuing to seek out opportunities to learn so that I can better support my clients. As a doula I provide physical, emotional and informational support during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period.