Consultant Services

 While there are some constants regarding birth, each person (and each couple) has unique needs. In my session, I work with you, understanding your needs and desires, to build your unique birth plan. 

Comfort Measures in Labour
  Birth doesn't have to be scary. This two hour session covers the myriad of ways to deal with pain in labour. From coping techniques to position changes and breathing to massage, this session covers a wide variety of proven pain reduction methods. This hands-on, individual session will provide you and your partner with the confidence to rock your birth. Yes, birth is hard work. But it doesn't have to be scary. With these tools, you can face the upcoming arrival of your child with confidence.  

Strategies for Success

 Why do we make detailed plans for success in other areas of our lives,  but when it comes to birth, we make a list of our wants? I don't want an episiotomy, I don't want continuous monitoring, I do want immediate skin-to-skin, etc. While clearly outlining our expectations for birth can be a good thing, we are more likely to reach our goals with a detailed plan. During this two hour session, I focus on the seven keys to labour progress and the physiology of birth. Working off these natural laws, I help you build your personalized labour plan. 

Combo Session
 This innovative three hour workshop combines material from Comfort Measures in Labour and Strategies for Success. We integrate a discussion on coping techniques and the psychology of pain with proven labour progess methods to build your personal labour plan.